“Everyone deserves PAWSitivity”

Welcome to the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) page for Lietz Elementary! We have been building our program since January 2018, and we are excited to launch. We use the guidance of the PBIS.org homepage, for research and support of best practices. Our vision is that “Everyone deserves positivity.”


The first thing you’ll need to know, is our acronym, PAWS! It stands for Problem Solve, Act Respectfully, Wise Choices, and Spread Kindness. These are the behaviors that connect all students, parents, and staff at the school, and encourages all of us to be socially responsible, and create an environment where everyone belongs. We use the term PAWS to describe expected behavior of students at all locations on campus, including before and after school, the cafeteria, the bathrooms, and the classrooms. Here is a link to the matrix that defines those behaviors: PAWS Matrix. 

Recognizing PAWSitive Behavior

Students receive recognition from teachers, staff, and other students in many ways. Our mission is to encourage positive behavior through words of encouragement and appreciation. We use “gotcha tickets” called PAWS tickets as often as possible, although there will be times when appreciating, acknowledging, accepting, and encouraging words are given, and a PAW ticket is not, but we do our best. Students write their name on their PAWS tickets and place them in a class raffle bucket. Every Friday, a winner is drawn from each grade level. Every month, a winner is drawn from each class. 

The Lion’s Den

The remaining tickets are put into the “Lion’s Den,” and when the “Lion’s Den” fills up, the students earn a school wide event such as a rock ‘n roll recess or picnic on the field. 

The Lietz Elementary School PBIS Committee consists of teachers, administrators, and parents, and we work to improve the program constantly. The team gives updates during Principal’s Coffee, Home and School Club, and School Site Council meetings.