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Lietz Project Cornerstone Video

Before you click the link, here is a little background:
We have been using Project Cornerstone as our main "curriculum" for positive school behavior and social awareness for the last 4 years.  However, we have still been saying the Peacebuilder's Pledge that came from an earlier set of materials.
This year, we decided that we should create a pledge that is more in line with the vocabulary and focus of Project Cornerstone.  We are calling it the Lietz Upstander Pledge.  We worked with our Project Cornerstone parents, our staff, and our Expect Respect students to come up with the pledge.  
Here are the words:
Lietz Upstander Pledge
I am an upstander.
I pledge… 
• To fill people’s buckets, including my own
• To say or do something when anyone, including myself, needs help
• To seek caring adults
• To notice and take responsibility if I dip
I am an Upstander at home, at school and everywhere I go!
We decided to create a video that would introduce and help explain what our pledge means.  We sent out an all-call for participants, and families signed a waiver (attached...and was pre-approved by tech dept).  Our Project Cornerstone lead parents worked with another Lietz parent to produce the video.